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How It Works

Its easy…simply promote Got Edibles on your website with your custom link. For every visitor who clicks through these links and purchases, you will receive a commission. Help others learn why Got Edibles is so great. The more you do so, the more you make!

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Signing up takes only a few minutes and is completely FREE.  After your account is approved you will receive a unique tracking code to use right away.

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Refer your friends to Got Edibles by sharing your affiliate link by email, text, or by posting on social media.

Make Money

You earn actual dollars for every new customer you refer that makes a purchase. We provide real-time reporting on your earnings and regular payouts.

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How do I join the Affiliate Program?
Just complete this simple form
Our affiliate managers will review your application.
How does the Affiliate Program work?
After you have been approve, you’ll be provided with your own unique link that you can use to promote Got Edibles. When someone clicks through your link a cookie is set to remember that you referred that customer. If they purchase an item within 30 days, you’ll earn a commission for that referral.
Does it cost anything to become an affiliate?
No, it is free to join our affiliate program, and there is no minimum sales level or other requirements.
Can I refer myself?
No. If you join our affiliate program and use the affiliate link to buy for your own personal gain, you will not receive a commission.
How much will I earn?
You will earn 10% for every eligible referral purchased at regular price.
How do I track my sales?
You can see how many sales you’ve made by logging into your Affiliate Dashboard.
When and how do I get paid?
Once you have reached at least $10 in referrals, your commissions will be payable at the end of the next calendar month.
How much can I make?
We offer very competitive commission rates! The more you promote the more you will earn.

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